Timberwood Farm 1/2 Hog

Item# TWFHH1
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Product Description

Our half hogs are sold based on Hanging Weight. For 1/2 a hog the average hanging weight of our hogs is between 88 and 100 lbs. This will yield approximately 50 to 62 lbs of actual meat depending on the cuts chosen.

A 1/2 hog package includes Pork Chops, Bacon, Whole or Half Hams, Shoulder Roasts/Steaks, Ribs, Hocks, and Ground.

The meat is cut to your specifications and individually wrapped and labeled. Priced at $3.50 a pound. This Pork is available in late summer/early fall only!

PLEASE NOTE: Upon order, the price of your hog will appear as zero. We will contact you with the actual price of your individual hog. HOGS WILL BE GOING TO THE BUTCHER IN NOVEMBER 2013.