At Timberwood Farm, we offer for sale several items that are a by-product of the dual purpose nature of the heritage goats and sheep that we raise. We understand that having quality, all natural products is important, which is why we won't sell anything that we don't already use or consume ourselves.

The Fiber comes from our own flock of Clun Forest sheep. They are a down type sheep characterized by a medium grade wool that is springy and elastic. It doesn't wet felt but does dry felt beautifully.

The lotion, soap, lip balms, and other skin care products are made right here on the farm using only natural ingredients. The soap and lotion use the milk from our own herd of Nigerian Dwarf goats. Nigerians have milk that is high in butterfat, which helps make the soap and lotions very rich and moisturizing.

The meat comes from our pasture raised Clun Forest lambs and our pasture raised Berkshire hogs. We eat what we produce, so we ensure that our meat never has added hormones and is antibiotic free.
Timberwood Farm & Fiber

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We are participating in the Livestock Conservancy's "Shave 'em to Save 'em" promotion. We have the stickers!!
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